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2019 P2006 twin engine




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The P2006 four seat twin engine aircraft is the favorite choice of flight training organizations and governments for its low cost of operation, high dispatchability.

Refurbished by SouthtechAviation


The Tecnam P2006T Twin has established itself as the aircraft of choice for not only the world’s most reputable Flight Training Organizations but private owners alike. A firm favorite with leading General Aviation fight-test journalists, who praise its styling, handling, and very low operating costs. With so many P2006T already in service worldwide, it consistently comes out on top following the most stringent of competitor fly-off evaluations. Not just from Flight Schools but Tecnam has also won orders from NASA, a number of Air Forces and other niche operators who now fly special versions of the Twin, such at the P2006T SMP.
At the heart of the P2006T is the Rotax912S aircraft engine. The Rotax 912S is FAR 33 certified and approved to operate on automotive fuel, giving it a significant edge over standard GA engines. Some of the key benefits of the P2006T’s engines include a reduced frontal area and better powerto-weight ratio. Lower fuel consumption, lower propeller rpm resulting in higher efficiency and a lower noise profile and stable cylinder head temperatures due to liquid cooling. Its relatively high power to weight (rated at 73 kW/100 hp) makes the Rotax 912S a popular choice in the aviation industry. This twin-engine formula offers higher safety and lower operating costs than its single engine counterparts. The P2006T light twinengine aircraft has in fact a lower standard empty weight than comparable single engine four seat aircraft in the 180 hp or 200 hp class. The Tecnam P2006T has the best
Payload/Maximum Takeoff Weight ratio (0.36) among its direct competitors. This can be attributed to the high structural and systems efficiency and because of the excellent power to weight ratio of the Rotax engine. The wing-mounted engines relieve the aerodynamic load on the wing with a consequently lighter structure. The remarkable efficiency of the Tecnam P2006T is also attributable to the low propeller speed and the low engine drag. These, together with a streamlined fuselage, result in unparalleled aerodynamic efficiency. Boasting the highest ceiling and climb speed among its competitors, operators especially value the option to use automotive fuel as well as AVGAS. This not only leads to dramatically reduced direct costs but also makes it possible to fly in areas where AVGAS is difficult to find or perhaps prohibitively expensive. The dependable twin-engine configuration of the Tecnam P2006T allows it to be flown over long distances and in areas where ground facilities are poor. The Tecnam P2006T high wing feature is unique in its class and is especially valued by operators in the training environment as a further safety benefit as the engines, the props and the flaps are out of the way in the event of a gear up landing.

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Used 69 hours SNEW

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Part 23 certified Rotax 100 HP x2



two blade


G1000Nxi GTX345W

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White with Red and Black


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